Cabinet Quality & Care Guide - Designer Wholesale Cabinets


Cassarya cabinetry is hand-crafted from the finest materials. Our fine furniture-grade finishes are very durable and moisture-resistant, but they are not moisture-proof. Due to the nature of real wood and our 8-step polyurethane paint on MDF, care must be taken to ensure durability for a lifetime. Use the following guidelines to assist you in maintaining the beauty of your new cabinetry.

When the installation is complete, vacuum and wipe down all interiors and exteriors with a soft dampened cloth to remove all dust. Pay special attention to the drawer glides- dust and wood particles should be removed to ensure your glides slide smoothly.

The high-quality furniture finish of your cabinetry is designed to withstand daily use. All surfaces may be cleaned with a soft dampened cloth and warm water. For a difficult situation, use a soft dampened cloth with mild dish soap (not detergent). After cleaning, dry immediately with another soft dry cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals or ammonia-based products as they may cause discolouration of the finish.

It is important to wipe up spills from your cabinetry as they occur. Give special attention to the product around the sink and dishwasher. Avoid draping damp or wet dish towels over the doors of the sink base cabinet.

Prolonged exposure to spills, including food, oil, grease, water, coffee, tea, food colourings, and/or other liquids may cause permanent discolouration or damage to the finish. Cassarya’s Lifetime Limited Warranty does not apply in cases where the product has been exposed to the above elements, thus resulting in damage to the product.


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